A Last Ride Together is Season 5 premiere. It premiered as a preview in September 21, 2016. But will be premiered again as part of a full episode week on October 9th

Synopsis Editar

After the mensuality rises again with a insane price as a result of an economy degree. Luisma faces de posibilty of being transferred to another school., While parents and students confront this at a reunion.

Characters Editar

  • Luisma
  • Peña
  • Yecsibel
  • Maria Ricardi
  • Yoi
  • Luisana
  • Juan Valera
  • Katiuska
  • Julio Gamez
  • Mariangel
  • Sophie
  • Roohennys (via chat)
  • Lisbet
  • Mario
  • Grandma Marwitz

Trivia Editar

  • This episode has an unique title card
  • This is the first episode of the series to take place before the school launch, as a result of this:
    • The characters only interact via facebook but are seen on the school reunion via a subplot
    • The official main characters of the season are unknown. The classic 4B characters are the only ones shown. It is unknown if the section will remain together
    • The school is only the escenery of the subplot and Luisma doesn't go there in the whole episode. As happened before in: Trust Circle, Eyes Trought Atoms, The Experimental Challenge, A Movie Sucess and Household Manners.