Discretion Reloaded is episode #11 of Season 5. It premiered on October 24th 2016

Synopsis Editar

For the last IPM act. The students cover a military act in the school for Tenient Briceño and defend an exposition

Characters Editar

Major Characters Editar

  • Luisma
  • Sarai
  • Sophie
  • Ingleidy
  • A. Briceño U.

Supporting Characters Editar

  • Andrea
  • Prof Delza
  • Henry Castellanos
  • Estefanni
  • Dayelice
  • Samuel
  • Nelson
  • Jesus Peña
  • Ruth
  • Honeyber Pineda
  • Elimar Vale (Debut in MVVM)

Trivia Editar

  • Elimar Vale from Casa Hogar Adventura Carillo and eponymous shorts, returns to make a guest appearance. She is the second to do so (After Caesar) and the fourth overall character from that school to appear after Eliana and Peña.