Law & Carmen is Season 5's 8th episode. It premiered on October 18th 2016

Synopsis Editar

When Carmen discovers the must host incoming elections for the representation of the school. She decides to put section B in a hard test imponing her laws during the whole day to see who can get serious enough to being part of the electoral part.

Characters Editar

Major Characters Editar

  • Luisma
  • Sophie Viera
  • Albany
  • Yecsibel
  • Carmen Aurora (Antagonist)

Supporting Characters Editar

  • Mario
  • Ronny
  • David
  • 5 "A"
  • Josvell

Trivia Editar

  • This is Carmen's second major role in the series, following Flowerpot Crime and the first episode fully based around her.
  • This is apparantly, the last episode to use the classic front school background as the title card background, As from Discretion Reloaded and onwards, the background is now the school's court and audiovisual building.