Loyalty to 5"B" is Season 5's 4th episode. It premiered on October 11th 2016

Synopsis Editar

Luisma finally manages to get into class and to his section but when he discovers that his two best friends are now in the cooler section C he feels awkward about staying in the section. Until he gains more trust and decides he can get a cooler look and group in his section, after his friends like that he was loyal to the section and not a selled.

Characters Editar

Major Characters Editar

  • Luisma
  • Sophie Viera
  • Sarai Quintero
  • Yecsibel Venegas
  • Albany Abreu
  • Jesus Peña
  • Nelson Rodriguez

Supporting Characters Editar

  • Josvell Delfin
  • Ricardi
  • Yoi
  • Ingleidy
  • Ruth Provenzali
  • Jose Weighy
  • Thabata Lehmann
  • Daniela Viloria
  • Rosmary Carillo
  • Juan Valera
  • Diego Lopez
  • Ronny
  • Peluche
  • Angel Gonzales

Trivia Editar

  • First episode with the Adjective + in + "Name of the section" phormula in the name who is the 4th episode instead of the 1st or the 2nd
  • We discover that Jainelyn Justo was dumped off