Party Alliance is Season 5's 6th episode. It premiered on October 14th 2016

Synopsis Editar

Ricardi and her crew fight to plan the Prom XVIII parties befores her planifications collapse. Luisma tries to get cooler looks with Sophie.

Characters Editar

Major Characters Editar

  • Maria Ricardi
  • Luisma
  • Sophie Viera
  • Joitzmely
  • Luisana
  • Yecsibel
  • Albany

Supporting Characters Editar

  • Rosmary Carillo
  • Some 5 a characters
  • Some 5 C characters
  • Nelson
  • Peña
  • Ruth

Trivia Editar

  • This is the 3rd episode that features an alternate protagonist rather than Luisma. Followed by Luis Fernando in Out of the Band and Peña in Trespassers Away! (only since the second half). This time, Ricardi takes the protagonism
  • Rosmary returns to section C