La temporada 1, transcurre desde Octubre 2012 a Julio 2013, esta compuesta de 40 episodios. La seccion principal es 1"C"

Main Characters (1 "C")Editar

  1. Luis Mario Fernández (Protagonist)
  2. Roohennys Marin (Deuteragonist)
  3. Esteban David
  4. Alirio Plaza
  5. Eliana Briceño
  6. Nelson Rodrigez
  7. Johan Mejia
  8. Chu Marquez
  9. Ana Nuñez
  10. Regina Fernandez
  11. Sarai Quintero
  12. Nazareth Caceres
  13. Josvell Delfin
  14. Jose Alejandro Rojas (Weighy)
  15. Anthony
  16. Juan Y. Briceño
  17. Yaneida Briceño
  18. Maria Valentina Briceño
  19. Maria Vitalia Briceño
  20. Miguel Angelus Bruceño
  21. Barbara Hermelinda Peña
  22. Luiggi Teran
  23. Miguel Barrera
  24. Douglas
  25. Maria G Saavedra
  26. Rafael Montilla
  27. David Graterol

Seccondary CharactersEditar

  • Samuel Gordo
  • Klaudia y Amiga
  • Obama
  • Gregory
  • Francisco Aldana (minor antagonist)
  • Fiorella Pineda
  • Yeison Ascaino
  • J. Paredes
  • Julio Gamez
  • Katherin Marin (minor antagonist)
  • Jean Pierre Salas
  • Sara Araujo
  • Benito Duran
  • Ingleidy Valecillos

Menores (que llegan a a hablar solo una vez) o de FondoEditar

  • Ruth Provenzali
  • Luis Trejo
  • Elide 
  • Morochos Daniel y Adrian
  • Juan Pablo Olivar
  • Ramses Ruza
  • Arianny Pacheco

Episode List Editar

  1. Welcome to High School
  2. Fitting in 1"C"
  3. The Bet
  4. Late Issues
  5. Buenos Días Clase
  6. Dude Stablishment
  7. A Little of Art
  8. Biology Scores
  9. Castellan Folcklores
  10. So Close, So Far
  11. Project in House
  12. The Newspaper
  13. Drawing Skills
  14. After the Girl
  15. Christmas Ringtone
  16. Happy New Year
  17. 19 Guy
  18. Broken Leg
  19. Sportastic Challenge
  20. Eliana's House
  21. I Hear Pizza
  22. The Chocolate Factory
  23. The Enchiredion List
  24. A Class About: Sexuality
  25. Juice Over the Girl
  26. The Intercourse Games
  27. Down with Math
  28. Reflexive Stories
  29. Mama Chui to the Rescue
  30. Nothing to Fear God is Here
  31. Virgin Mary's Day
  32. He's not an enemy
  33. My Movie Hit
  34. Stop!
  35. Chocolate Bussiness
  36. Transaction Plans
  37. The Enterprises Day
  38. The Folder
  39. A Play About Bullying
  40. Vacation Arrived!

Primer Lapso (1a) Editar

Welcome to High School Editar

  • Luisma enters High School, but after a math class, he gets stuck in the main yard for hours due to a confussion.Howerever, he makes many friends, the 5th year girls fell in love with him, and he even is offered protection. Howevers, due to being very shy, he limitates his speech

Fitting in 1"C" Editar

  • Luisma starts to fit in the enviroment of his section, and makes many friends. Alirio Plaza, Aesteban David and meets Roohennys Marin. meanwhile he gets introduced in Castellan class and even manages to talk and pass recess with themm only saying a few words.

The Bet Editar

  • Luisma and his new friends make a bet about talking to Sarai, the most beautiful girl. Luisma accepts the bet and starts to pass the day near Sarai to get her... but that makes Luisma to truly fall in love with her and wanting to get her for serious

Late Issues Editar

  • Luisma starts to have trouble with the Castellan subject because of living in Valera and coming late, since he has Castellan 3 times a week, all in the morning. His father decides to make some strategies to make his son come a right time.

Good Morning Class Editar

  • 1"C" has their first english class with Margelis Rodriguez in which Luisma shines, cuz he knows english

Dude Stablishment Editar

  • Roohennys teaches Luisma about how living the extreme life, plus helps him to have fun at high school. The two form a good friendship