The Unfairy Godmother is episode #21 of Season 5. It premiered on October 25th 2016

Synopsis Editar

Despite a rainy mess in the Anniversary parade, The MVVM students celebrate the intercouse games opening, but 5B gets in trouble afte the godmother does not assist to the prom. Luisma spends more time with Estefanni

Characters Editar

Major Characters

  • Luisma
  • Estefanni Ruiz
  • Nelson Rodriguez
  • Daniela Viloria
  • Ingleidy Valecillos
  • Gladys Fonseca
  • Sophie Viera
  • Yecsibel Venegas

Supporting Characters Editar

  • Albany Abreu
  • Maria Victoria Carillo
  • Fabiana Avila
  • Peña